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Coding isn’t that hard

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Adobe Photoshop

Creating a generic style for an element or a class

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CSS, or cascading style sheets

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Video Course

Making Your Design Adaptive

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Develop amazing web and app experiences

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Slider Revolution

Migrate your WordPress site in 5 simple steps

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Providing web designing solutions

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Search Engine Optimization

Add And Edit Content. Inline Edition. Seo tools

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Course Description:

Course Modules – 15 Modules

The world you know is revolutionizing and the future of work is transformed by digital technology. Gaining a digital skill will be of great benefit.
Build your own website and build for others. Save thousands in development costs.
One of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself or others today is how to make a website because if you want to start a business, essentially, all you need is a website and a logo. More so, demand for Website Design skill is really high in the 21st century. In this video training, you’ll learn how to build a bare bones website at the comfort of your home. After creating the site, you’ll be able to customize and market it yourself.
Whether you know how to click the buttons but need help with the principals of good web design, or you are a newcomer and want to learn how to design amazing website, this is the web design training course you don’t want to miss.

15 Modules Video Course

MODULE 1: XAMPP Web Server Installation & Management
MODULE 2: WordPress Installation & Database on the Local Server
MODULE 3: Customizing WordPress
MODULE 4: Uploading and Customizing Themes & Plugins
MODULE 5: Development with Elementor
MODULE 6: Introducing Woocommerce for Ecommerce
MODULE 7: Site Migration
MODULE 8: Domain Registration & Hosting
MODULE 9: cPanel Management
MODULE 10: Setting up Contact Form and Live Chat
MODULE 11: Creating Private/Corporate Emails
MODULE 12: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
MODULE 13: Website creation on Sub Domain
MODULE 14: Site Updating & Backup
MODULE 15: How to Monetize the Skill

15 Module Video, 6 Training Methodics, 4 Tasks
Skills You Get: Design Basics

You'll get:

100% Hands on Video Course
Unlimited startup materials
One-to-One Support
Watch at your convenience in the comfort of your room
Networking Opportunities in a group
Internet not Required (required only for uploading website online)
Absolutely no experience is required; anyone can learn this simple method.

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Course Facilitator

Ebenezer Arooro

UX/UI Web Designer


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Price: $23.48 / #10,000

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